2016 Introduction of Scintomics fineo, a radiopharmacy Laboratory Information and Management  System (R-LIMS) and  of 2 new HPLC Systems for both Routine and research
2012 A new solenoid valve module is added to the GRP Synthesizer family, combining the Advantages of a cassette- with the unbeaten cost effectiveness of a fixed-tubing System.
2011 Launch of GRP INTERFACE, a groundbreaking new software package for routine production of radiopharmaceuticals
2011 Launch of GRP MODULES, SCINTOMICS synthesizer series equipped with medical disposables
2010 SCINTOMICS‘ Advisory Board approves long term “Global Radiopharmaceutical Technology” Initiative
2009 Introduction of INVIALA, a fully automated dispensing unit for single dose dispensing into vials or syringes
2008 Commercial launch of SCINTOMICS µICR, a fully automated four capillary reactor microfluidic module
2007 Introduction of various VarioTec-based modules, such as HotBox II, Gallelut+, autoChol 2, autoMet 2, autoFEC or autoM 3+
2007 Market launch of SCINTOMICS Control Center (SCC) Software, a GMP and FDA compliant software package
2007 Market launch of HotBox III, a flexible module System, for the synthesis of FET, FEC, FMISO, FHBG and various other clinically used F-18 tracers, PIB, Altanserin, benzovesamicol, fallypride, FMZ, workup of Cu-64 and Iodine-124 targets, Cu-64 labeling of hypoxia tracers, Ga-68 labeling of various Peptides using different generators, Lu-177 and Y-90 labeling of peptides, Th-227 chemistry, wet chemistry methyl iodide production…
2007 Introduction of the first experimental µ-fluidic synthesis platforms and components, such as microfluidic mono  and microfluidic pro
2006 SCINTOMICS VarioControl, a compact software interface for HotBox I
2006 Market launch of VarioTec and SCINTOMICS HotBox I, a versatile construction kit
2006 Foundation of SCINTOMICS GmbH