Globally, the proportion of senior business roles held by women stands at 24%. The G7 is among the worst performing regions, with just 22% of senior roles occupied by women and 39% of companies with no women in senior roles. Two of the worst performing individual countries are Japan, with just 7% senior roles held by women, and Germany, with 15%.

At SCINTOMICS, 53% of the employees are women, and 100% of senior roles are occupied by women.
Thus, we continue with our efforts to achieve real equality and to promote men.

Sakia Kropf

Saskia wrote her diploma thesis at the ETH Zurich on surgery simulators, and graduated from Technical University Munich (TUM) with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. She was involved in an Actinium-225 Project between TUM and Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (USA), where she was responsible for the powder target process development, and worked as a development engineer at a radiopharmaceutical company in Munich on the automation of isotope production and the development of an injector for Re-188 Percutanous Transluminal Angioplasty. Saskia joint SCINTOMICS in 2008, took over the position of the operational manager in May 2010 and became CEO in 2014.

Dorothea Wester

Dorothea has worked for over 30 years in diverse private medical practices (general medicine, paediatric medicine and radiology) and pharmaceutical companies. She gained extensive experience in the QC on transdermal therpeutic systems in a german pharmaceutical company and in the GMP production of pharmaceuticals in a japanese pharmaceutical company. In June 2015 she became CEO with main responsibility for accounting and human resoureces. She is married with Hans-J. Wester, founder of SCINTOMICS.