Customized GRPs

GRP customized configurations:


Cusomized GRPs Modules permits optimum adaptation of the production process to the individual chemical and pharmaceutical requirements.

This can be done for almost every istope and for even very small liquid volumes (>~50µL).

As a versatile modular system, GRP can be upgraded to each next stage in a very flexible manner and can be expanded and flexibly tailored to meet all R&D and GMP needs.

Even when your project has several unknowns,

we will be pleased to find a solution for your individual problem


a • syringe units

e • Reactor units

d • solenoid valve units

c • Detector unit

b • valve unit

(SCC Software / GRP ISDS* Interface)

* integrated synthesis and self-diagnosis system
tracers: from A for "Atherosclerotic Plaques" to M for "Magic Compound" to Z for "Zr-89-labeling"

Obviously, the GRP Capillary Module can also be used for the productions of other short lived PET tracers.

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