GRP Capillary Module

Ga-68 Labeling without cassettes

The GRP Capillary Module exploids classical solenoid valves with highly inert sealings in combination with a resuable and cleanable capillary system for the GMP production of Ga-68 tracers.

To make it almost as comfortable as a cassettes system, the most difficult to clean parts, such as the reactor and the storage vials, are provided together with the required reagents as sterile production sets. Sequences for labeling and cleaning are implemented, making labeling with this module a cost-efficient, easy and quick process.


Obviously, the GRP Capillary Module can also be used for the productions of other short lived PET tracers.

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• Reactor unit

• Solenoid master valve unit

• Detector unit

• One additional solenoid valve unit

• Syringe unit

• SCC Software / GRP ISDS* Interface

* integrated synthesis and self-diagnosis system