Can we establish F-18-rhPSMA in our hospital ?

YES, you can !
If you like to exploit the outstanding features of the F-18 or Ga-68-Radiohybrid PSMA inhibitors in your hospital give us a call or send us an email.


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Its Time for Change

Production of our new Ga-68 labeling cassette with significantly improved performance has started. Contact SCINTOMICS for more information.

Priority Partner Program

Current Opening (limited to non-PSMA related topics):

Renowned international sites for first clinical application of selected new F-18, Ga-68 and Lu-177-radiopharmaceuticals. Please contact SCINTOMICS directly. 

We support your R&D developments and GMP needs … and create synergies via our unique triple-P initiative.

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For over 10 years we are closely interacting with radiopharmacists, researchers and clinical partners to develop custom solutions, innovative imaging and therapy approaches and to translate them into innovative clinical studies. Since we know from our own experience how complicated and time consuming translation into the clinical setting and the routine GMP production with high reliability and efficiency can be, we support our customers in all stages of radiotracer development, from the early CMC stage to the final GMP production.

For dedicated developments and projects of mutual interest, we recently initiated a Priority Partner Program. Give us a call and learn more about the considerable added value of having SCINTOMICS as your highly committed research partner.

SCI-Literature Service

Chemicals (PET/SPECT/NTx)

We are delighted to start with the exclusive European Distribution (incl. Turkey) of a whole range of prescursors and reference compounds for PET, SPECT and radioligand therapy in R&D and GMP quality.
More information and opening of our comprehensive Chemical and Precursor Database beginning of July.