SCINTOMICS strives for automating routine radiopharmacy lab work – by providing software tools that are easy to operate and are connected. The SCINTOMICS suite of radiopharmacy lab software can streamline your daily routines and allow you to focus on the essential.

All brought together into the NEW SCINTOMICS fineo
Radiopharmacy Laboratory Information and Management (R-LIMS) System
with built in SOPs and GMP compliance assured by TÜV
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Start your journey to the paperless radiopharmacy lab today!

We continuously improving our reliable and profen software tools to.

–  maximize easy operaion
–  improve process control  and analysis
–  streamline your dally routines


NEW:   fineo_logo_1890x945px_300dpi_rgb-16

Radiopharmacy Laboratory Information and Management with SOP’s and GMP compliance assured by TÜV

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SCINTOMICS Control Center (SCC) software is complying with GMP, annex 11 for computerized systems, 21 CFR 210/211 cGMP and 21 CFR part 11 regulations GMP and FDA 21 CFR part 11,
operating your GRP™ – and connected preparative HPLC systems.

SCINTOMICS Control Center (SCC) software for GRP

The SCINTOMICS Software Package Control Center is a comprehensive control software, which, together with the Control Center Interface, forms the framework for highly flexible and powerful automated solutions based on GRP platforms. Control Center contains a comprehensive library of visualization objects to visualize even complex processes in a very clear manor. Processes can be visualized and monitored in real-time through animated objects, digital displays of control parameters, input signals and status information. Control Center allows the control and regulation of a variety of high and low pressure valves, heating zones, pumps, dispenser, stirrers, elevators, etc. Up to 18 input channels can be monitored, recorded, or used for threshold value based controlling.

SCINTOMICS Control Center (SCC) software for HPLC

SCINTOMICS Control Center offers an extended High Performance Liquid Chromtography (HPLC)software module. Apart from time dependend peak detection, various modes for threshold dependend operations are implemented – for all kinds of channels


SCINTOMICS Control Center contains powerful programming tools for the optimization of procedures and methods.

Powerful programming features for optimized methods

To explore the entire scope of features, please contact for a demo version.

scintomics_powerful-programming-features-fThe SCINTOMICS Control Center (SCC) software package comes included with every GRP™ Module system on a suitable laptop PC with touch screen interface.

GRP™ Interface with ISDS

The second generation of the often copied ´golden standard´ user interface with a revolutionary new feature:

ISDS, the Interacting Synthesis and self-Diagnosis System:

  • a revolutionary innovation in radiopharmacy
  • provides, for the first time, on-line information on the synthesis status and the expected outcome
  • GRP™ self-diagnosis in real-time

See what’s going on and know what to expect!


GRP Interface deliberately streamlines the surface components to the bare fundamentals, concealing everything that is not required for the routine production of radiopharmaceuticals; no needless functions, no unnecessary displays. We believe >START<, >CONTINUE<, >STOP< and >PURGE< are basically sufficient; plus a few more buttons for >ADMINISTRATION< and >Log-In/Out< purposes. And to make it as convenient as possible, we added a supplementary and visual >HELP< function. This clarity and simplicity of the GRP-Interface reduces training to a minimum.

The touch-screen compatible user interface has been specifically designed to support routine production of radiopharmaceuticals using optimized and validated processes.
It provides a unrivaled user-friendly interface for performing key tasks during routine production. The touch screen allows for one-touch operation for loading a cassette, for  system purge, starting a synthesis run, launching specified help screens for module preparation and other helpful tasks. A simple touch of the screen puts the system into action.

Now, with ISDS, you get even more control:

  • real-time analysis of production performance at important synthesis steps
  • continuous and real-time forecast of production yields
  •  display of relevant comments and information during production


ISDS monitors and analyzes various incoming signals and provides valuable information of eventual alterations during individual synthesis in real-time.
Status bars on the main screen and in a dedicated sub-menu continuously inform the user about the current status. In case of unexpected events, ISDS further provides valuable information on what to do after the synthesis to overcome the problem (self-diagnosis).
ISDS maximizes comfort, safety and assistance while minimizing your work.

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of various incoming signals
  • Pre-defined and customizable check-Points
  • Assessment of incoming signals and display of status information and help comments


In addition to its ISDS feature, GRP has been upgraded with a new feature named
Analytics and Service (A&S) continuously monitors and records all relevant GRP™-Module functions, such as operation time, overall number of syntheses, service dates, overall operation times, individual functions of the valves, heaters, mass flow controllers, vacuum pump, etc., etc.

  • Monitors and records all relevant GRP™-Module functions
  • Proposes service and maintenance Dates
  • Warns the user before max. number of operation cycles is exceeded



SCINTOMICS  fineo – a Radiopharmacy Laboratory Information and Management System (R-LIMS)

  • Dedicated to radiopharmaceutical laboratories
  • Following Scintomics’ philosophy by focusing on the essential
  • Based on Maqsimas’* many years of experience with GMP lab automation in pharmaceutical industry
  • Approved by TÜV
  • Plus: built in SOP’s for many QC procedures

*Maqsima Lab+ is a Trademark of Maqsima GmbH, Germany


complies with GMP, annex 11 for computerized systems, 21 CFR 210/211 cGMP and 21 CFR part 11 regulations GMP and FDA 21 CFR part 11 as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.

  • Tailored to radiopharmaceutical labs with the know-how of pharmaceutical industry built in.
  • Contains SOPs for standard products and many adaptable templates.
  • Maps all your laboratory processes, from incoming chemicals and goods to releasing probes and own products.
  • Adapts to your needs by its modular structure and expandability.
  • Operates intuitively and is user friendly.
  • Reduces risks by full compliance with standards & regulations.


Access protection and strict rights assignment secure your system and your data. At the same time it can provide the basis for your seamless communication: internally, but also with customers and suppliers.

  • User and access rights assignment at different Levels
  • Access protection
  • GMP-compliant logging of access data
  • Communication platform with customers & suppliers


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