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Radiohybrid PSMA-targeted Agents for Prostate Cancer licensed to Blue Earth Diagnostics

MUNICH, May 2018 – SCINTOMICS has signed an exclusive, worldwide agreement with Blue Earth Diagnostics, a leading molecular imaging diagnostics company. Under the terms of the agreement, Blue Earth Diagnostics has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to a broad family of Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA)-targeted radiohybrid (“rh”) agents for cancer imaging, together with an exclusive option to explore therapeutic applications.
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FAQ: Can we establish F-18-Radiohybrid-PSMA in our hospital ?

YES, you can !
If you like to exploit the outstanding features of the F-18 or Ga-68-Radiohybrid PSMA inhibitors in your hospital press the ´read more´ bottom below or contact or give us a call. Read more

AVAILABLE: Precursor for Lu-177 PSMA Therapy

Lu-177-PSMA Precursor on stock.

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